Language Imaging Lab Aphasia Battery

(~10 minutes)

Auditory Word-Picture Matching

This test evaluates the mapping from input phonological word-forms to lexical semantics as well as the integrity of the semantic store (Pillay et al., 2014a), emphasizing the ability to discriminate between similar concepts. Items are drawn from the same superordinate categories as in the picture naming test. Accuracy tends to be high on this task, thus response time is used as a secondary variable of interest for detecting category effects (Pillay et al., 2014b).


Example trial from the auditory word-picture matching test. This display occurs simultaneously with the spoke sample "squirrel".

Procedure (see figure):

Data analysis:


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Pillay SB, Humphries CJ, Stengel BC, Book DS, Gross WL, & Binder JR. (2014b). Category-related semantic impairment: A "chronometric" voxel-based lesion-symptom mapping study. Society for the Neurobiology of Language, Amsterdam, Netherlands.