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Transfer of Data from the MEG Suite

When you are done collecting data you will have to transfer the raw.fif datasets over to your own workstation outside of Froedtert. The data data acquired at the MEG facility at Froedtert must be processed with SSS as the Suite has Active Shielding.

The raw data is convereted into SSS raw data and then handed over to the Researcher. Please contact the MEG engineer Candida Ustine for this purpose. As soon as you are done collecting data, the Engineer will do the initial processing and have the _raw.fif and _raw_sss.fif data ready for you. You will then have to transfer the data(sftp) over to your machine.


For the purpose of secure data transfer, the raw.fifs will be hosted in the Froedtert server for only 7 days. PLEASE be mindful that data will be refreshed every 7 days and any old data will be deleted. It is your responsibility to copy files over from the Froedtert server over to your local machine.

As soon as you finish data collection, the raw.fif are converted to sss_raw.fif and saved under a folder hosted by the Froedtert server.The name of the folder will be the name of your institution. You will have to connect to this server from your local machine via the fileZilla client and then use the password assigned to your institution and copy the data over from the server over to your machine.

Please contact Candida Jane Maria Ustine for your secure Institutional password.