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Being an MCW employee you cannot get access to the MEG Room and the facility with your MCW ID card, as they are physically located in the Froedtert Hospital premises. The alternate option is to alert the MEG technical manager Contacts that you would be scanning on certain day so they can let you in.

Getting an Froedtert ID Card

The first step is to speak with the MCW Neurology Administrator. Once you let her know that you need access you will have to go to the Froedtert Hospital Security Control Room and get an ID card there.
NOTE: You will need to pay $5.00 for the Froedtert ID card... (You will get it back once you give surrender the card to them)

Froedtert Security Office is located close to the Information Desk of Froedtert Hospital. Contact: 414-805-7050

MEG Calendar

The MEG calendar is maintained by MCW and Froedtert and will show the MEG facility availability for research purposes. Please contact Candida Ustine or Vahab Youssofzadeh with a desired date and time and he can schedule it for your group. If the requested time is unavailable, you will be contacted with alternate dates and times.


Use it or lose it: Frequent non-use of scheduled scan time indicates a problem that should be discussed before additional time slots are allocated, and may result in a reduction of a user’s assigned time in the schedule.

Please be aware that the MEG Facility is used for both clinical and research purposes and act responsibly in reporting any unused scan time as soon as you can.