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Getting Started in the MEG Lab

Welcome to the MCW - Froedtert's MEG facility! If you would like to tour the facilities please contact our MEG Engineer Candida Jane Maria Ustine. If you would like to speak with someone about incorporating the MEG technique into your research work, please contact our Research Director, Dr. Vahab Youssofzadeh.

Getting Trained

Before new researchers can start using the MEG facility at Froedtert, they will have to be trained on how to use the system and also informed about the dos and donts in the lab. Please contact Candida Ustine to arrange for a training session.

Please read the page on MEG Lab Etiquette before you begin.

Reserving Measurement and Analysis Time

Once you ready with your experiment and would like to start testing you will have to reserve the MEG machine for your study.

All time requests for the MEG should be submitted directly to Robert Rohloff,

Tech Support

Possible tech-supported measurement times for Research purposes are: Weekdays from 1pm-5pm

Weekend scanning can be arranged upon prior request and approval.

Tuesdays are reserved for the helium fill. All Mornings are reserved for Clinical studies.

MEG Calendar

See MEG Calendar for more info.

Helpful References/Manuals

Paper copies of the Elekta Neuromag manuals can be found in the cabinets located above the acquisition desk. Various stimulus system manuals can also be found in the lab. Tech support will be available to all new users, but please familiarize yourself with the stimulus and Elekta Neuromag manuals (in addition to this introductory manual) before beginning any recordings.

List of References:

  1. Elekta Neuromag Manual
  2. Maxfilter